Your Practitioners

Emma Greene, Flourish Facilitator

As women, Self care shouldn't feel like the last item on our to-do list. 

Caring and compassion for others shouldn't mean caring for ourselves last.

We encourage you to invest in yourself and establish well being through integrated care, after all, no ONE therapy fixes everything.

Flourish philosophy says that carving out space in your life just for you, is imperative to becoming your healthiest, well-rounded self.

I've integrated  IN HOME- Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Chiropractic,

 Yoga Instruction and Nutritional Wellness services to customize

and support you on your self care journey. 

 With over 16 years experience as a compassion based body worker, doula and woman advocate,

I am endlessly passionate about my craft.

I have WOmanaged a women's health center for over seven years and have fallen in love with the work of lifting women up, in any way possible. 

As facilitator of Flourish,  I am delighted to serve women and encourage them to venture into a new world of self-care. 


With serious intention, I've built a team of trusted and highly skilled practitioners and professionals to coordinate care for women, onsite, from Detroit to Ann Arbor, Michigan.

With over 9 years experience Dr. Mark is driven by compassion.  Honing his intuitive skill set, he is entirely committed to helping people live to their full potential in health and wellness through chiropractic care.

Inspired by his own wife and three children, Dr. Mark has focused on family chiropractic and adjusting even newborns on chiropractic visits throughout the Ann Arbor area.

Eril has been in the Wellness industry for over 18 years.


She brings extensive knowledge of nutrition to Flourish. She has the gift of meeting women 

compassionately wherever they 

are in their journey. 

Focusing on  self awareness and empowerment, 

Eril utilizes Isagenix to apply structure

 to positive eating habits.

Mai  has been teaching yoga as self-care for six years and believes everyone has their own path and journey through life. She feels that everyone can benefit from doing yoga.

She leads from the heart and is passionate about women listening to their true selves and spirits to know

what is best for them.

(734) 489-1539